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Safety Watch

Safety Watch Masthead

As a member of the community, we invite you to be part of SunRail Safety Watch. With your eyes and ears, we can keep our local community safer around trains and train tracks.

Here’s how you can help

Display Your Commitment 

Proudly display a SunRail Safety Watch cling on the window or door of your business and invite SunRail to give a safety presentation to your employees. Let others know your commitment to keeping the community safe! Contact to receive a safety watch window cling for your business or organization.

Safety Watch

Report Suspicious Activity – dial 911

If you see something, say something. Unusual activity such as loitering, suspicious packages or criminal acts should be reported to 911 immediately. Do not approach or attempt to resolve the situation.

Report Trespasser Icon

Report Trespassers – dial 877.235.7245

Walking on train tracks is incredibly dangerous and a criminal offense. Trains can approach from any direction at any time and train tracks are the private property of the Florida Department of Transportation.

Chemical Spill Icon

Report Unsafe Conditions – dial 877.235.7245

If you see something unsafe on or near the train tracks, report it immediately. Chemical spills, debris or loose tracks, for example, should be addressed as soon as possible.

SunRail Safety Icon

Report Graffiti and Litter – Call Local Code Enforcement

If you see graffiti or litter near tracks, call your local code enforcement office. Never walk on tracks and always keep people, vehicles and equipment at least 25’ away as trains overhang and are wider than the tracks.

  • Volusia County: 386-736-5925
  • Seminole County: 407-665-6650
  • Orange County: 407-836-3111
  • Osceola County: 407-742-0400
  • City of Orlando: 407-246-2686

SunRail Safety Contact
Mr. Michael Carman
Phone 321-257-7163

Would you like to have a Safety Presentation at your school or business?