Transfer Your SunCard Value
(Recover Your Account)

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Phone: 1-855-724-5411
Business hours: Monday – Friday
5:30 AM – 9:00 PM

Before You Begin

Access the NEW Online Portal

  • Visit or
  • Click the blue “New SunRail Account Signup/Login” button in the upper-right from

IMPORTANT: Sign up / Create a NEW account

  • Customers will need to sign up for a NEW account.
  • OLD Fare System:
    Username & password for the old system WILL NOT work with SunRail’s new online portal.
  • NEW Mobile App:
    Username & password for the new mobile app WILL work with SunRail’s new online portal. Homepage
Note: Users can find the link for the new account manager in the upper-right corner
SunRail Rider Web - Login/Signup Page
Note: Users are required to create a NEW account for SunRail’s account manager.

Transferring Your SunRail Value

1. Login to the account manager with your NEW account by:

  • Visiting or
  • Clicking the blue “New SunRail Account Signup/Login button in the upper-right from
SunRail Rider Web - Login/Signup Page
Note: Only NEW accounts are valid with the NEW account manager.

2. Go to My Account by clicking the button in the main menu.

Rider Web Dashboard
Note: Users can find the My Account button in the top, main menu.

3. Scroll Down to the bottom of the “My Account” page and click the “Recover Account” section.

My Account - top of page
Note: Scroll down to bottom of the My Account page.
My Account - bottom of page
Note: Click the “Recover Account” section.

4. Click the Begin Recovery button in the Recover Account section.

My Account - bottom of page, Recover Account section revealed
Note: Users must click the Begin Recover to access the System Migration page.

5. Input Your Information

  • Registered SunCards
    • Input your Username & Email from the previous system
    • Input the card number from your Yellow SunCard
    • Click “Continue”
  • Unregistered SunCards
    • Input the card number from your Yellow SunCard
    • Click “Continue”
    • Skip to step #7
System Migration page
Note: Users need to input their information from the OLD account manager. Registered SunCards require a username, email and card number while unregistered SunCards only require a card number.

6. Answer the Security Question (Registered SunCards Only) from your old account then click “Continue.”

Security question/answer screenshot
Note: The answer field for the security answer is case sensitive and only needed for Registered SunCards.

7. Review and Validate your information to ensure the accuracy of data, the ownership of the account/cards, and agreement to SunRail’s Terms & Conditions. Then click “Migrate.”

Old SunCard details screenshot
Note: Account holders must agree/certify the items listed below the card details in order to proceed with Migrating their SunCard value from the previous system.