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Max Fare

Remember to Tap On & Tap Off

Riders are reminded that they must Tap On at a station ticket validator with their SunCard or ticket before boarding and Tap Off after they exit the train.

Why must I Tap On & Tap Off?

SunRail uses the distance traveled to calculate the cost of a trip. Riders traveling within one county will pay a different price than those traveling between two, three or even four counties. By Tapping On & Off, the fare is validated for the distance traveled and assures that the proper price is charged.

What happens if I do not Tap On & Off?

SunCards and tickets must be validated at a station Ticket Validator machine in order to ride SunRail. SunCards that are not consistently tapped may be temporarily suspended and require a call to Customer Service at 855-RAIL-411 (724-5411) before boarding. Riders must present proof of valid fare to Conductors. SunCards that are not Tapped properly will be charged $5 which is the cost of riding through all four counties. Riders with round trip tickets who do not Tap Off may experience challenges while attempting to Tap On when completing their round trip.

What if I get a red “X” when I Tap On?

If you receive a red “X” when you Tap On, please contact Customer Service at 855-RAIL-411 (724-5411) before boarding the train.

What if I get a red “X” when I Tap Off?

The SunRail system will still record your Tap Off and charge you the proper amount.

Thank you for Tapping!

This information will assure you are charged the proper fare, assist with rider counts and provide valuable information as the system continues to serve Central Florida.


If you have questions or concerns pertaining to SunRail Max Fare, please contact Customer Service:

Customer Service
Mon-Fri, 5:30am – 9:30pm
855-RAIL-411 (724-5411)

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