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A statewide initiative to seamlessly engage motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians with grade crossing safety measures and outreach education.

How it Works

Clearing the Path for a Safer Journey

Dynamic envelopes are roadway markings used to increase safe stopping behavior and safety for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic at grade rail crossings. Because trains overhang the tracks, these markings indicate the clearance needed for trains to safely pass. This area is often within the active crossing gates, but when traffic gets backed up, a vehicle may stop on the tracks and be unable to move before the gates come down.

The goal is to positively influence driver behavior and reduce the number of incidents and injuries sustained at rail crossings.

By keeping vehicles behind the dynamic envelopes, fewer vehicles would be stopped too close to or actually on the tracks, thereby reducing the danger to vehicles, occupants, train crews, passengers and bystanders.

Proven Results

Engaging Motorists & Pedestrians Where it Matters

Motorist and pedestrian safety are the top priority across Florida’s rail corridors. Recognizing this, the Florida Department of Transportation has mandated a directive that will designate Florida as a nationwide leader, by implementing a statewide safety initiative to reduce incidents at rail crossings.


Decrease in Motorists Stopping Within Envelope*

Increased Awareness

Dynamic envelopes reduce the number of vehicles entering the crossing and either stopping too close to or on the tracks.

These markings may also lead to safer driving trends due to the increased awareness of the crossings as a whole.

Safer Crossings

Dynamic envelopes delineate the safe areas to mitigate pedestrian crossing hazards.

This reduces the proximity to the tracks and ultimately the number of pedestrian-related incidents and collisions.

Public Outreach

Operation STRIDE (Statewide Traffic and Railroad Initiative using Dynamic Envelopes) is a data-driven statewide rail safety initiative.

STRIDE will be launched in conjunction with the installation of the dynamic envelope pavement markings and serves as an educational outreach program.

*Statistic reported from Fairbanks Avenue grade crossing for vehicles traveling westbound. A decrease in 40% is recorded for eastbound traffic.

Pushing Progress

Implementing Dynamic Envelopes

SunRail will be installing dynamic envelopes throughout the Central Florida Rail Corridor in a phased approach. Check back for updates on the progress.

Upcoming Dynamic Envelope Construction

Development Status


114 / 117 Complete

Volusia County 5 Total Crossings
Seminole County 28 Total Crossings
Orange County 68 Total Crossings
Osceola County 16 Total Crossings

Work to be scheduled for weeknights after SunRail service and throughout weekends with close local coordination for road closures, detours and public outreach.

Safety First

Providing Essential Tools For Preserving Roadway Safety

Safety is always a top priority for SunRail. It is important to use caution around the trains and train tracks, whether you drive, walk or bike over them on your travels, and be sure to only cross at designated rail crossings. Along with the new Dynamic Envelope pavement markings, SunRail advises all to observe the following tips.

Safety Icons


  • Do not walk along train tracks.
  • Remove headphones and look up from your cell phone.
  • Never take photos on or near train tracks.


  • Allow for extra time to cross train tracks.
  • Cross tracks at a 90º angle.
  • If possible, walk your bike across tracks.


  • Trains move fast and cannot stop quickly.
  • Do not drive around lowered gates.
  • Never stop on train tracks.