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Jun 10

Remember To Tap On and Off

Remember To Tap On & Off
Choo-Choo to the Zoo

Be Aware of Max Fare

By tapping on & off, riders manage their trip and are charged only for the distance traveled. If a rider does not tap on & off, they will be charged the $5.00 maximum one-way fare for the entire system.

This Simple Step Assures:

  • You are charged the correct amount
  • Lets SunRail know you have paid your fare
  • Assists with rider counts so we can properly plan

Riders without proper fares are in violation of the SunRail Rider Rules of Conduct and will be escorted from the train.

Learn More About Passenger Etiquette


Contact SunRail Customer Service: or 855-RAIL-411 (724-5411).