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Aug 28
Slide Train to Plane

Train to Plane

AS EASY AS 1. 2. 3.

1. Plan your trip.
SunRail operates Monday through Friday between 5:06 AM – 11:23 PM.
Visit for a complete schedule.

2. Arrive at your station 15 minutes early to purchase tickets.
Remember to Tap On at a ticket validator before you board and Tap Off when you arrive at your next station.

3. Ride to the Sand Lake Road station.
Upon arrival, present your SunRail ticket to board the LYNX Non-Stop Link 111 to the airport for a FREE transfer.

On the way back, pay the required bus fare to get to the Sand Lake Road station. But be sure to request a transfer from your bus driver! You need this transfer to buy a SunRail ticket at the platform ticket vending machines to board your train home.

Total trip is approximately 15 minutes from the SunRail Sand Lake Road station to Orlando International Airport.

  • The LYNX Non-Stop Link 111 is timed to meet all Northbound and Southbound SunRail trains, Monday–Friday.
  • See for train times.
  • Need more info? Watch a quick “How-To” video here.

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