Hurricane Season

Workers removing grade crossing arm in preparation for storm
Worker preparing grade crossing for storm

Safety is Top Priority

In the event of severe weather, SunRail would like to remind the community that services will operate as scheduled but may be suspended up to 24 hours in advance if sustained winds are expected to reach 39 mph at ground level or flooding is expected. Preparations must be made along the railway in anticipation of such weather conditions.

SunRail will monitor the weather and keep the community up to date as the storm passes through the area. Regular service will resume as soon as safely possible.

Did You Know?

  • Twenty-four hours before a storm approaches, all trains must be secured and the gates at all 129 grade crossings must be taken down or secured.
  • After the storm, not only do all gates have to be placed back at all 129 grade crossings, but every foot of track along the corridor must be inspected for any damage or debris.
  • Any debris within four feet of the tracks must be cleared before service can be restored.
Worker on ladder preparing grade crossing for storm