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SunRail Mobile App Questions

Can I close my SunRail account?

Yes. Due to the complexities of SunRail’s current system, closing an account is a manual process which must be performed by SunRail Customer Service and can be completed at the account holder’s request. You must provide your full name and email address to SunRail Customer Service using any of the following methods:

• App Form: Open Form
• Online:
• Email: at
• Toll-Free: 855-724-5411

Does my existing account work with the app?

Yes. You can log in with your current SunRail Account information. All of your information will be available, including your account settings and current SunCards.

I do not remember my username. What should I do?

Contact our Customer Service Center where a representative will be able to retrieve this information for you. You can reach a SunRail Customer Service Representative:

I ordered my NEW SunCard. How and when will I receive my SunCard?

If you ordered your SunCard through the website and mobile app, you will initially receive an order confirmation email. You should receive your NEW SunCard in the mail in 5-7 business days via U.S. Mail. If it has been more than 7 business days and you have not received your card, please contact SunRail Customer Service Representative at:

If your travel plans require a card in hand, you can buy one at any ticket vending machine at SunRail’s sixteen train stations.

I clicked the “Continue Without Account” option, but I would like to now sign up or log in. Is this possible?

Yes. Simply click the app settings button  and select either “Log In” or “Sign Up”.

Can I use my SunRail App to board a SunRail Train?

No. Currently, the SunRail mobile app does NOT support mobile ticketing. You may purchase and manage your SunCard through the app, however, you must use your SunCard to board a SunRail train.

I have an iPhone and when using the Trip Planner, I clicked on a time and nothing happened. How can I proceed?

Search for the “Done” button to the upper right of the Arrive selector. The selection list on iPhone has a “Done” button to select.

I started the app, but it is stating that “No Data Service Available,” even though I do have service/Wi-Fi. How do I proceed?

The app started at a moment when data was not available. In order to proceed, please quit the app and restart.

I forgot my password and entered my username. The app says that the answer is incorrect, even though I know it is correct. What do I do?

Contact our Customer Service Center where a representative will be able to retrieve this information for you. You can reach a SunRail Customer Service Representative:

I have a SunCard but haven’t registered it yet. Can I do that on the app?

Yes. If you have logged in, simply click the app settings button and select “Add a SunCard” and follow the proceeding steps.

I have an iPhone and while ordering a NEW SunCard, it will not allow me to go past the Payment stage while checking out. How do I proceed?

Make sure that you have selected your Payment Method. You should see a blue checkmark to the left of the card.

SunCard Dormant Funds / Escheatment Program

What is SunRail’s Dormant/Escheatment Program?

It is FDOT policy that SunRail review and update SunRail account records periodically. Florida Statute Section 338.231(3)(c) requires SunRail to report and transfer the funds in this account to the Florida Bureau of Unclaimed Property if there has been no activity for at least three years or more.

Prepaid balances over $10.00 will be transferred to the State of Florida as unclaimed property. After funds are transferred, claims may be filed using or by contacting Claimant Services at the Florida Bureau of Unclaimed Property.

What steps can I take to ensure my SunRail account is active?

Simply log on to your account at or in the mobile app and review the contact information and SunCards associated with your account. The action of logging in will keep your account active.

I forgot my password. How can I login?

Both the app and online account manager have a “Password Reset” feature. Click this feature and follow the steps to reset your password. Please check your spam folder or filter, as password reset emails may be filtered or go to your spam folder.

How can I request a refund if my card is either active/inactive?

Please contact SunRail Customer Service at:

I am planning to no longer use my SunCard. How can I request a refund?

Please contact SunRail Customer Service at:

What “funds” on my inactive SunCard are eligible for a refund?

Prepaid balance values will be reduced by the amount of the sales bonus received at the time of purchase. SunRail pass products that have never been activated may be eligible for refund. SunCard fees are nonrefundable.

There are multiple cards on my account and I only use one of them. Since I login to manage my active SunCard, is there anything I need to do anything to ensure the other cards are not flagged as inactive?

All SunCards will remain in an Active state unless they are hotlisted. If a card on your account is hotlisted and has a prepaid balance contact SunRail Customer Service at:

Can I request a refund on a SunCard that belongs to a friend or family member?

FDOT has a verification process used by the customer service call center to determine the caller is the owner of the Suncard. Customers must be able to provide this information.

How will I receive my refund and how long will it take?

Allow up to 6 to 8 weeks for cash transactions refunded with a check. Allow up to 4 to 6 weeks for credit card refunds to be processed.

General Fare Questions

How much does it cost to ride SunRail?

There is a base fare of $2.00 and an additional $1.00 charge for each County you cross. For example, if you are traveling from Sanford to downtown Orlando, the one-way fare would be $3.00

What are Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs)?

Ticket vending machines (TVMs) dispense SunCards and SunRail tickets as well as allow customers to manage their SunCards. Customers can add value using cash, credit cards and debit cards. SunRail has 48 ticket vending machines – four machines at each of the 16 stations. Only one TVM accepts cash at each station.

Where can I buy a SunCard or ticket?

You can purchase a SunCard from the Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs), located at each station, using cash or all major credit cards located in each station, from our website or from employers that offer SunCards. It’s important to register your SunCard here for balance protection should the card be lost or stolen. If you are interested, please ask your employer about the availability of the Federal pre-tax assistance program. Daily one-way and round-trip tickets are available for purchase at TVMs only.

How do I pay for my ride?

You need to purchase a ticket, have at least $5.00 prepaid value on your SunCard for the ride or have a weekly, monthly or annual pass. Go to one of the three validator units located on each platform and tap on. When you exit the train, be sure to tap off at one of the validator units so that the proper fare is calculated. If you fail to tap off, you may be charged the maximum fare, which is $5.00.

Can I board the train without a ticket?

All passengers must have in their possession a SunCard loaded with the appropriate fare product or a valid one-way or round-trip paper ticket prior to boarding the train. Passengers will be directed to exit the train if proper fare is not paid. Passengers must scan their SunCard or paper ticket at one of three ticket validators located on each station platform, as well as after exiting the train at their final destination. Fare that has not been validated prior to boarding may be validated by the conductor, however, maximum fares may apply.

Does SunRail have all-day passes?

We currently do not have single day passes that allow for multiple stops. You may purchase a SunCard with prepaid value that can be used unlimited times throughout the day.

What discounts are available and how do I qualify?

SunRail has 50% discounted fare products for Seniors, Youth, and/or persons with Disabilities:

Seniors 65 and over, youth between the ages of 7 and 18, and persons with disabilities, regardless of age, are eligible for a 50% discounted fare. Upon request by the SunRail conductor or fare inspector, seniors and youth must show proof of age with a government issued valid ID, such as a drivers’ license, passport, Medicare card, or State ID card. A LYNX or Votran ID may also be used.

What are the fares for children?

Children ages 6 years and under are able to ride SunRail free with a paying adult (however, there’s a limit of three children for each adult).

Using The SunRail Fare System Questions

How do I tap on and tap off?

To tap on, with your ticket or SunCard, locate one of the three validator units available at each platform and tap your ticket/SunCard on the screen, wait for the beep and a green check mark, and you are ready to board the train. This process is called “tapping on.” Be sure to save your ticket so you can tap off at the end of your trip.

To tap off, when you arrive at your destination, locate a validator unit on the platform and tap your ticket/SunCard again before exiting the station. This is called “tapping off.”

Why do customers have to tap on and tap off the system?

Fares on SunRail are based on the distance travelled. SunRail uses a “tap on, tap off” system to calculate the exact fare for your trip.

What happens if I don’t “tap on or tap off”?

Tapping on and tapping off is a very important part of the SunRail fare system. It allows for charging the correct amount for fares, while monitoring passenger volumes. The Florida Department of Transportation monitors SunCard activity to ensure SunRail passengers have valid fare. Our Fare Policy requires that all passengers tap on prior to boarding the train and tap off at their destination station platform. If a passenger fails to follow these procedures, their SunCard is no longer valid and the Florida Department of Transportation will hot list the SunCard. The conductor is responsible for inspecting fares on board the train, and if it is determined that a SunCard has been hot listed or the holder has not tapped on, then he/she will have the passenger exit the train for not having paid a valid fare.

I was overcharged for a trip. What do I do now?

Once logged into your account, you can submit a question by clicking “Customer Service” at the top of the screen. Please provide details about the overcharge and a customer service representative will respond to your request within three business days. You can also call the customer service center at 1-855-RAIL-411 (1-855-724-5411).

I was charged for a trip but I have a weekly/monthly/annual pass. Why was that and what do I do now?

Chances are, you missed tapping on the train. Our system calculates your fare amount based on where you enter and where you exit the train. If we didn’t capture where you entered, we assume you entered at the first stop.

I have a one county/zone or two county/zone weekly, monthly or annual pass but need to travel more zones once in a while. Is that ok?

Yes. You can have both a pass and a prepaid value on your card. If you travel to additional zones not included in your pass, $1 will be deducted from your prepaid value for each additional zone.

SunCard Questions

What is a SunCard?

A SunCard is a plastic, credit card size fare media that holds weekly/monthly/annual travel passes, and/or prepaid value, for multiple trips on SunRail. You can also use your SunCard to transfer to a LYNX or Votran feeder bus when you are connecting from the train to the bus. Simply show the bus operator your SunCard and receive one free transfer to board that bus.

How do I use my SunRail Card?

To tap your card, find one of three SunRail ticket validators located on each platform. If you get a green check you are good to go! A red X, your ticket or SunCard is not accepted. Please go to a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) to purchase a product or add value to your card or contact the Customer Service Center at 855-RAIL-411 (855-724-5411) for assistance.

How do SunCard passes work?

SunRail offers passes that give you the freedom to ride the train as often as you want for 7 consecutive calendar days, 30 consecutive calendar days, or 365 consecutive calendar days from when you first tap on at one of our validators to board the train. Because we currently do not operate on weekends, those days are not factored into the price of any of our pass products. For passengers who ride SunRail 4-5 days a week, our passes provide a significant savings over daily tickets. Fares for passes are based on how many zones (counties) you travel through.

What is the Pre-Paid Value option on a SunCard?

Prepaid value is a fare option for the less frequent SunRail passenger who still wants the benefits of a SunCard. Prepaid value allows you to place a dollar amount up to $270 on to your SunCard. Your fare is deducted based on the distance you travel each time you board the train. When using prepaid value, each trip is counted as a one-way trip. Passengers who use prepaid value receive a 10% bonus each time funds are loaded on to their SunCard. You also have the convenience of not having to stop at a ticket vending machine each time you arrive at a SunRail station. Simply tap on at the ticket validator unit and you’re ready to board the train!

Can a SunCard be used on other transit systems?

We are working with LYNX and Votran for future compatibility.

I purchased a SunCard at a TVM. How do I register it online?

If you already have a SunRail login, simply log into your account and register your new card for balance protection. You can register as many cards as you’d like to a single SunRail login, so all of the cards for your business or family can be managed in a single location.

If you don’t yet have a SunRail login, just click the “register’ link from the SunRail home page and follow the steps to create a login. Once you have created your login, you’ll be able to register your card for balance protection.

I purchased a SunCard at a TVM. How do I register it with my mobile app?

If you already have a SunRail account, simply login to the app, then click the “Add a SunCard” from the app settings menu. Once your card is added, it will be registered for balance protection.

If you do not have a SunRail account, you can click the “Sign Up” button and follow the account creation process. Once complete, you’ll be able to add your TVM purchased SunCard.

What is a SunCard number?

A SunCard Number is the 16-Digit number beginning with “637246…” printed on the back of your SunCard.

Can I get a refund for my SunCard?

Refunds are not available for weekly, monthly or annual passes, but you may request a refund if you have prepaid value on your SunCard. The $5.00 cost for a SunCard is not refundable.

If a Vending Machine fails, please call the SunRail Customer Service Center at 1-855-RAIL-411 (1-855-724-5411) and your inquiry will be investigated, and any appropriate refund made.

I won’t be using my SunCard anymore. Can I get a refund?

Most of SunRail’s products are non-refundable, however SunRail does offer refunds on unused prepaid value. To obtain a refund, contact the Customer Service Center by calling 1-855-RAIL-411 (1-855-724-5411). The customer service representative will deactivate your card so it can no longer be used. Your refund will be processed within 30 days. Please note that the 10% bonus used on your prepaid value purchase is not refundable. Your refund will be made to the original form of payment (cash payments will be refunded by check).

What do I do if I lose or damage my SunCard?

In order to replace your SunCard, your card must be registered in our SunRail account management system to qualify for balance protection. You can purchase a replacement SunCard for $5.00 online through your account, or at any Ticket Vending Machine located at all SunRail stations. When purchasing a replacement card at a Ticket Vending Machine, select the option to purchase a SunCard with Prepaid Value, however, your prepaid value amount will equal $5.00. Once you have received the new SunCard, please contact our Customer Service Center to have your funds transferred.

What is balance protection?

When you register your SunCard online or add it to the SunRail mobile app, you are automatically enrolled in balance protection. Once enrolled, if your card is ever lost or stolen, simply contact the Customer Service Center or log into your account at to report the loss. You will not be responsible for any use of the card after you’ve reported it lost or stolen. We will send you a replacement card; the cost is $5.00. If you have a pass product loaded onto your lost/stolen/damaged SunCard, you will want to purchase a replacement card as quickly as possible, as passes run for consecutive days and any days lost cannot be restored to the SunCard.

How do I add value to my SunCard?

You can add prepaid value to your SunCard, add a new pass, or renew your pass online. After logging into your account, click “My Account” then “My SunCards.” Select the card you want to work with and then click the “Add Product” button at the bottom of the screen.

Please note, you can have one pass product and prepaid value on your SunCard. If you don’t see the orange “Add Product” button at the bottom of the screen, check to see that you’re not working with a card that has been reported lost or stolen, or already has both a pass product and prepaid value.

How do I check my SunCard’s value?

Log into your account, click “My Account” then “My SunCards.” Select the card you want to work with. All of the products on the card will be reflected under “Fare Products” at the bottom of the screen. If you have a prepaid balance, the value will be reflected just above the “Fare Products” section. You can also check your balance at any TVM or call the Customer Service Center.

Why has my SunCard been Hotlisted?

If you received an email informing you that your SunCard has been Hotlisted, it is because your SunCard has fallen into a negative balance, misuse of card, or the SunCard is being used for trips that are not part of the purchased pass plan. To have a SunCard removed from the Hotlist, please contact Customer Service at 855.RAIL.411 or 855.724.5411. For additional information, download PDF.

SunRail Ticket Questions

What is a SunRail ticket?

SunRail tickets are a one-time purchase for one-way or round-trip travel and are best used by occasional SunRail riders. The tickets are paper and may be discarded after use, once fare has been validated by tapping on and tapping off.

Can I get a refund on my unused ticket?

One-way and round-trip tickets are only valid on the day of purchase. Due to fare policy regulations, we are unable to provide refunds for tickets.

SunRail Account Questions

I moved/have a new phone number/have a new e-mail address. How do I update my info?

Once you’ve logged into your account at, click on “My Account” and then “My Profile” to make any changes to your user information.

If you are using the SunRail mobile app, login and go to app settings. Then click on “SunRail Account Settings” to make changes to your account.

I want to automatically renew my pass. How do I do that? What is Autoload?

Autoload is used to automatically renew your pass when it expires and to automatically replenish your prepaid fares when the balance is low. Before you can set up autoload you must have an active pass product or a minimum balance of $10 in prepaid value loaded on to your SunCard. To set up autoload you’ll first have to register a credit or debit card to your account. If you haven’t done that yet, simply log into your account, click on “My Account” and then “My Payment Methods” and follow the steps to create a new payment profile. Then, select that credit/debit card as your “primary” payment method. Once you have done that, click on “My SunCards.” Select the SunCard you’d like to autoload, then select the product you’d like to autoload from the bottom of the screen and follow the steps

When I set up autoload, when will I be charged?

When you set up Autoload on your account, you agree to have your credit or debit card on file automatically charged either before your pass expires or before you run out of prepaid fares. If you sign up for Autoload of your prepaid fares, you will automatically be charged when your prepaid balance falls below $10.00. If you sign up to Autoload a weekly pass, you will be charged 3 days before your current pass expires; for monthly and annual passes, you will be charged 5 days before your current pass expires. Please note that any negative prepaid value will be automatically charged to your credit or debit card before your pass is renewed.

How do I store my credit card for future use? What is a payment profile?

You can register a credit or debit card to your SunCard account to avoid having to re-enter your card number each time you reload your SunCard. Simply log into your account, click on “My Account” and then “My Payment Methods” and follow the steps to create a new payment profile.

Stations & Parking Questions

How can I find out things to do around the stations?

Our System Map contains some of the key attractions or points of interest within a walkable distance from each station. This information is available at by clicking on the MAP link.

Is there parking at the stations?

FREE parking is available at the following suburban stations:
– DeBary
– Sanford
– Lake Mary
– Longwood
– Altamonte Springs
– Maitland
– Winter Park / Amtrak
– Sand Lake Road
– Meadow Woods
– Tupperware
– Kissimmee / Amtrak
– Poinciana

The existing accessible parking spaces at the stations provide a safe and appropriate designated parking area for persons with disabilities. At the entrance to each SunRail station parking area, wayfinding signage is provided to direct passengers to the location of the ADA-accessible parking spaces.

Is overnight parking available at the stations?

Overnight parking is permitted in SunRail parking lots for SunRail passengers at some stations. The Florida Department of Transportation does not assume responsibility for damage to, or loss of, property that may occur in these lots at any time. Persons leaving their vehicles in SunRail parking lots do so at their own risk.

Where can I find information about future stations?

(12) Twelve stations were built during Phase 1, between DeBary and Sand Lake Road. An additional (4) four stations were constructed during Phase 2, the Meadow Woods Station in Orange County, and three stations in Osceola County, including the Tupperware station, downtown Kissimmee and the Poinciana area.

The construction of SunRail’s Phase 2 Northern Expansion includes one new commuter SunRail station at DeLand, Florida and approximately 12 miles of expanded commuter rail service between the DeBary Station and the DeLand Amtrak Station in Volusia County on the existing Central Florida Rail Corridor (CFRC). Improvements will provide a safe and efficient transportation alternative for motorists, enhance safety features along the corridor, and improve grade crossings for train, pedestrian, and vehicular traffic. The Phase 2 Northern Expansion is currently expected to open by summer 2024.

What amenities do the stations have?

All stations have the following amenities for your comfort, security and convenience:
– Platform Canopies
– Water Fountains
– Emergency Phones (Emergency Call Boxes or “ECBs”)
– Passenger Assistance Telephones
– Platform Seating
– Bicycle Parking
– Accessibility for the disabled (visit for a summary of ADA information)

Stations do not have restrooms; however, restrooms are available onboard all SunRail trains.

Trains Schedules & Times Questions

How often do SunRail trains run?

SunRail trains currently run Monday – Friday only. Our schedule is designed to be consistent with rush hour, when traffic on 1-4 is at its worst. During morning and evening peak hours, the trains operate every 30 minutes. During off peak hours (midday and late evening) the trains operate every 2 – 2 ½ hours. SunRail trains do not operate on the following holidays –  Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. A full schedule is available at

How does the train schedule work?

The train schedule is divided into three sections: morning and evening peak service, midday and evening service. During morning and evening peak service, most trains run every 30 minutes, and during midday and evening service, trains run less frequently. All times listed on the schedule are departure times. All Northbound trains originate from Poinciana in Osceola County, and Southbound trains originate from DeBary in Volusia County. You should always consult the schedule prior to going to a station to plan your trip both to and from your destination. SunRail trains adhere to a strict schedule and depart on time, so please be sure that you’re ticketed, tapped on and ready to board at least five minutes before the train’s scheduled departure time.

How can I get a copy of the train schedule?

You can find a printable version of our train schedule on SunRail schedules are available on board all SunRail trains.

How often does SunRail provide service for special events?

Service for special events is only available when requested by local government sponsors or other groups that are able to provide service to the public. SunRail trains are not available for private charter. Services also are dependent upon the availability of SunRail crews to staff special event trains.

What time should I arrive at the station?

Trains do not have the flexibility to wait on late comers. SunRail advises passengers to be properly ticketed, tapped on and ready to board at least five minutes prior to the train’s schedule departure time. SunRail recommends arriving at least 20 minutes before scheduled departure time.

How will I know if the train is delayed?

If trains are delayed, you will hear announcements on SunRail platforms at each SunRail station that is affected by the delay. To receive alerts when delays occur, please follow us on Twitter at may also get current train information on our homepage.

Group Rider Questions

How can I arrange for large groups to travel on SunRail?

For groups of 20 or more, please complete the Group Rider Request Form. For additional support and information on advance ticket purchases, contact SunRail Customer Service at 1-855-RAIL-411 (724-5411).

Service Animal Questions

What qualifies as a service animal?

Service animals that are individually trained to perform a specific task for the benefit of persons with disabilities are welcome on board all SunRail trains at no additional charge. In accordance with ADA, service animals must be harnessed, leashed, tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. Service animals are to be kept under control at all times. SunRail personnel may require you to remove your service animal en-route to/from the station premise if:

1. The animal is out of control and you do not take effective action to control it (for example, a dog causes a significant disturbance by barking repeatedly and uncontrollably or is not house broken) or;

2. The animal poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others.

All service animals must sit under the passenger’s seat or at his/her feet. Service animals are not allowed to sit in the aisles or seats. Carry-on pet guidelines are for animals for which no claim of service is made, and do not pertain to passengers traveling with service animals.

Connection & Bus Transfer Questions

How does the transfer system work?

SunRail works with LYNX and Votran to provide a cost-effective option for our passengers. Bus-to-rail and rail-to-bus customers can transfer from one mode of transportation to the other:

From SunRail to Bus:
– Pay your train fare
– Show LYNX/Votran operator your SunCard or one-way/round-trip ticket
– Receive one free transfer from the Lynx/Voltran bus operator to a feeder bus route that serves SunRail stations

From Bus to SunRail:
– Pay bus fare on LYNX/Votran feeder bus route
– Ask operator for a free transfer to SunRail (A transfer is always required even when passengers have a bus pass)
– Take transfer to SunRail ticket vending machine (four at each station)
– Follow instructions to use a transfer on the ticket vending machine screen
– Swipe transfer (which is valid for 90 minutes)
– Pay $1 upgrade for crossing each county line on SunRail (if necessary)

Both LYNX and Votran buses, who provide connecting bus service to SunRail, are also equipped with onboard wheelchair lifts that are deployed by the bus operator. Each station has a designated bus boarding area which is located along an angled curb to provide easily identifiable designated boarding areas and allow independent departure/arrival of the buses.

Service Disruption Questions

What is a bus bridge and how does it work?

A bus bridge is a temporary system of shuttle buses that are put in place when SunRail trains are unable to proceed with normal operations. These buses provide a “bridge” between stations and bypass the area that has caused an interruption in our service. Buses are provided by our LYNX and Votran partners and will display “SunRail Special.” They offer free transportation serving SunRail stations where the trains are unable to travel to. Buses will serve passengers travelling northbound and southbound. The bus bridge will remain in place until train service is restored. Buses that are enroute when train service is restored will complete their trip.

Our suburban stations that have bus loops allow for the buses to pull directly into the station. However, drop-off/pick up areas are assigned when the Winter Park/Amtrak, Lynx Central, Church Street and Orlando Health/Amtrak stations are affected. These locations are subject to change due to construction, road closings, etc. so passengers are advised to contact the SunRail Customer Service Center at 855-724-5411 to confirm the locations. The information will also be displayed on our website and at the affected stations on the message boards located on the platform.

There are two types of bus bridges; emergency bus bridges and planned bus bridges. An emergency bus bridge is implemented when SunRail trains are experiencing an unplanned interruption in service that prevents trains from making all station stops. Situations will vary based on the number of stations affected, time of day, type of incident, etc. Planned bus bridges are scheduled for a specific time frame and advanced notice is provided.

An example of how a bus bridge works is as follows:

An alert is issued to passengers that a bus bridge is being implemented for passengers travelling between the AdventHealth and Sand Lake Road stations. Buses will be dispatched by LYNX to the designated bus stop location at the AdventHealth and Sand Lake Road stations so that buses are travelling in both directions simultaneously:

  • Buses arriving at the AdventHealth designated drop off/pick up location will provide service for all stations south of the AdventHealth station until it reaches our Sand Lake Road station. The bus will then continue providing service northbound if necessary.
  • Buses arriving at the Sand Lake Road station will depart heading northbound and will provide service for all stations north until it reaches the AdventHealth drop off/pick up location. Passengers continuing northbound will head to the AdventHealth station platform to catch the next train, while the buses will provide service southbound, if necessary.
  • SunRail trains will operate between DeBary and the AdventHealth station according to our published schedule. Trains depart DeBary and when they arrive at the AdventHealth station, passengers continuing southbound will exit the train and proceed to the bus bridge. The train will then “turn” at the AdventHealth station and will wait at the station until its scheduled northbound departure time.
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Employment Questions

How do I get a job with SunRail?

The Florida Department of Transportation manages SunRail and contracts the operations and maintenance work to private companies. Those companies are responsible for hiring their staff and any potential subcontractors. Please contact each company directly to inquire about jobs, contracting opportunities and hiring processes, or visit

Other Questions

How far does SunRail travel?

SunRail currently operates in Volusia, Seminole, Orange and Oceola counties in Central Florida. Our northernmost SunRail station is located in DeBary in Volusia County, and the southernmost SunRail station is located in Poinciana, south of Kissimmee in Osceola County.

Are the trains clean?

SunRail’s goal is to deliver safe and reliable transportation and takes the following steps to help prevent the spread of germs:

  • Every train is equipped with hand sanitizing dispensers and a restroom with handwashing sink.
  • There is a security presence onboard to provide additional rider support.

How do I report a problem with the Wi-Fi on the train?

If you experience trouble with the Wi-Fi on the train, please contact the Customer Service Center at or 855-724-5411. You will need to provide the time and direction you are travelling (northbound or southbound) and the car number in which you are riding. This number is located adjacent to the doors at the end of the cars. You may also address the problem with the conductor, as resetting the Wi-Fi may resolve the issue.

Can SunRail sponsor my athletic team?

Since SunRail is funded by taxpayer dollars, we are unable to contribute donations or sponsorships at this time.

Can I bring my pet on the train?

Pets are allowed on board SunRail, but they must be kept in an enclosed container/carrier, with the exception of service animals. Also, carriers must be kept out of the aisles and off seats.

Can I become a vendor at a SunRail station?

Concessions at SunRail stations and platforms can only be authorized by local governments. Please contact the local government where the station is located for information on concession permits.

Where can I purchase SunRail memorabilia?

SunRail memorabilia may only be purchased in person at specific events near our stations. Follow us, @RideSunRail, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for details on upcoming events where merchandise will be sold.

What if I lose an item?

If you lose an item on a SunRail train or platform, please contact our Customer Service Center at 855-724-5411 to register your item into SunRail’s Lost and Found log. If your item is received in the Customer Service Center, you will be contacted to retrieve your item.

How can I advertise on SunRail?

For information on advertising on, please contact Kristalyn Stewart at

How do I sign up for roadway worker protection training?

For information regarding Roadway Worker Protection Training, please contact

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