Station Amenities

Masthead image - Bike rack at the SunRail Winter Park/Amtrak station.
Aerial Image of Meadow Woods Station showing parking lots.

Convenient Parking

SunRail Stations offer convenient parking options for commuters. 

  • Vehicle Parking – Free parking is available at select SunRail suburban stations, while other stations are subject to city ordinances and availability. 
  • Bike Parking – Cyclists are welcome to bring their bikes on board SunRail, and for added convenience and security, stations provide accessible bike parking facilities.
  • Electric Bikes/Scooters – After riders have completed their use of rented electric bike/scooter devices, SunRail encourages patrons to bring them on board.
  • Platform Access – Wayfinder signs are placed to help pedestrians navigate easily from parking lots and bus drop-off points to the station platform, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly transit experience.

Assistance & Security

SunRail prioritizes passenger security and assistance by equipping its stations with emergency call boxes, security cameras, and dedicated ambassadors, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all commuters.

  • Emergency Call Boxes – Each SunRail Station is equipped with emergency call boxes to provide immediate assistance and support in the event an urgent situation arises. 
  • Security Cameras – Security cameras are at all SunRail Stations to ensure passenger safety and monitor station activity. 
  • SunRail Ambassadors – Our SunRail Ambassadors, staffed at each of the 16 station platforms, are available to assist passengers with any inquiries or assistance they may need.
  • Customer Service Call Boxes –In the event a Station Ambassador is not present, each station has customer service call boxes that will instantly connect you with SunRail’s Customer Service Center to assist passengers with any inquiries or assistance they may need.
Water fountain, Ticket Validation Unit (TVU) and Emergency Call Boxes at Winter Park Station.
Ticket Validation Unit (TVU) and Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) at Maitland Station.

Rider Tools

SunRail Stations offer convenient tools for commuters. 

  • Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) – TVMs are located on all station platforms, allowing you to purchase SunRail tickets and SunCard passes. 
  • Ticket Validator Units (TVUs) – TVUs verify the distance traveled per trip to ensure you are charged the proper fare amount.
  • Schedule & Map Kiosks –  Each SunRail Station platform is equipped with kiosks displaying train schedules for passenger convenience. 
  • Public Address (PA) System – Visual & audio notifications provide riders with system notifications and other pertinent rider information.

Designed for All

SunRail Stations are specifically designed to be accessible for everyone, meeting ADA standards and accommodating diverse needs. These stations feature ramps, tactile paving, ADA compliant TVM’s, with operating controls identified and labeled in Braille and a voice module with easy-to-follow interactive voice instructions, ensuring inclusivity for individuals with disabilities. 

Mini High ADA ramp and platform at Winter Park Station.