Transitioning to the NEW Ticketing System

Man looking at his phone with building in background.
SunRail Rider holding a SunCard on table.

How your SunCard Works with the New System

SunRail’s upgraded ticket system will require riders to purchase a new SunCard from any of the station ticket vending machines. Once purchased, you’ll need to register your card and transfer any remaining value from your current card to the new one.

A dedicated web page with step-by-step information for this process will be live in the near future.

What You Need To Do Now

It is very important that you register your current SunCard so any existing value or secured information can easily be transferred to your new account. Please register your current card today by clicking the link below.

Highly Recommended

The new SunRail Mobile Ticket app is FREE to download and is available for both Apple and Android smartphones. Mobile ticketing offers all the benefits of a SunCard and also allows you to purchase passes in advance of your trip and DOES NOT require you to Tap On/Tap Off at the stations.

Have A Question About The App?

In the new SunRail mobile app, can I just screenshot my ticket or pass or add it to my mobile wallet?

No. The new SunRail mobile app has an interactive security feature that Conductors will need to see within the opened app. A screenshot of the ticket or pass cannot be validated, and it is not possible to store a ticket or pass in a mobile wallet.

I downloaded the new SunRail mobile app – how is my rider experience different?

Thank you for being an early adopter! While we are rolling out the new fare collection system, equipment, and full mobile app features, if you choose to use the new mobile app, your mobile phone will be your ticket and you will no longer need to use the Ticket Validator Machines to tap on and tap off. The new SunRail mobile app is a separate system from the Ticket Vending Machines and the Ticket Validator Machines.

How do I use a ticket or pass in the new SunRail mobile app?

Prior to boarding the train for each trip, select the pass you will be using for trip to activate it.  Be prepared to show the screen to the Conductor upon request. Currently, when using the new SunRail mobile app, there is no need to tap on or tap off at the Ticket Validator device.

How do I use transfers in the new mobile app?

Riders transferring from SunRail to a LYNX or Votran feeder bus can purchase their fare using the mobile app and present their mobile ticket to the bus driver when transferring.  Riders transferring from LYNX or Votran to SunRail must use a TVM to obtain a transfer ticket.

Can I transfer my passes or stored value from my existing account to the new mobile app?

During the early adopter phase passes and stored value cannot be transferred to the new mobile app. We encourage everyone to deplete their stored value and use their passes until they expire first. After that, we suggest downloading the new mobile app and establishing an account for use there. The legacy mobile app will be decommissioned and as an early adopter you’ll already be set up to use the new fare system and equipment.

Should I delete my existing SunRail mobile app?

We recommend you keep both apps installed. During the initial launch of the new SunRail mobile app, some features and functionality may be unavailable so there may be a time where users rely on the legacy app for notifications but use the new mobile app as fare for their trips.

Can I use my existing username and password to access my account in the new SunRail mobile app?

No. Usernames or passwords will not be migrated during the early adopter phase of the new SunRail mobile app launch. You may use your legacy mobile app and new mobile app concurrently during this time until the full fare system and equipment are installed.

Can I still use my existing SunRail mobile app?

Yes, the current mobile app can be used until the time the new fare system and equipment installation is complete. During this time, you can continue to use the legacy mobile app and legacy SunCards or stored value until depleted or expired.

The new mobile app will provide account management functionality with upgrades to the app experience and will eliminate the need to use physical SunCards.

If you opt not to install the new SunRail mobile app in the early adopter phase, you can continue to use your legacy SunRail mobile app until it is no longer available and you are prompted to make the switch to the new app.

What is SunRail upgrading?

SunRail is upgrading the fare collection system and equipment and is introducing a new mobile app in phases. The new mobile app is being launched now and the fare collection system and equipment will be upgraded over the next several months.

What will the new mobile app do?

The new mobile app will allow users to ride SunRail using their mobile phone as their ticket or pass.  When you start using the new mobile app to purchase your tickets, you’ll stop using your SunCard and you won’t tap on or off at the stations.