Southbound Schedule

Southbound SunRail trains operate Monday-Friday, every half-hour during scheduled morning and evening service and less frequently during the mid-day.

Each Option will filter the schedule to show only the selected time of day:
DeBary5:30 am6:00 am6:30 am7:00 am7:30 am8:00 am9:00 am10:00 am11:30 am12:30 pm1:30 pm3:00 pm3:30 pm4:00 pm4:30 pm5:00 pm5:30 pm6:50 pm8:10 pm
Sanford5:06 am5:36 am6:06 am6:36 am7:06 am7:36 am8:06 am9:06 am10:06 am11:36 am12:36 pm1:36 pm3:06 pm3:36 pm4:06 pm4:36 pm5:06 pm5:36 pm6:56 pm8:16 pm
Lake Mary5:13 am5:43 am6:13 am6:43 am7:13 am7:43 am8:13 am9:13 am10:13 am11:43 am12:43 pm1:43 pm3:13 pm3:43 pm4:13 pm4:43 pm5:13 pm5:43 pm7:03 pm8:23 pm
Longwood5:19 am5:49 am6:19 am6:49 am7:19 am7:49 am8:19 am9:19 am10:19 am11:49 am12:49 pm1:49 pm3:19 pm3:49 pm4:19 pm4:49 pm5:19 pm5:49 pm7:09 pm8:29 pm
Altamonte Springs5:23 am5:53 am6:23 am6:53 am7:23 am7:53 am8:23 am9:23 am10:23 am11:53 am12:53 pm1:53 pm3:23 pm3:53 pm4:23 pm4:53 pm5:23 pm5:53 pm7:13 pm8:33 pm
Maitland5:29 am5:59 am6:29 am6:59 am7:29 am7:59 am8:29 am9:29 am10:29 am11:59 am12:59 pm1:59 pm3:29 pm3:59 pm4:29 pm4:59 pm5:29 pm5:59 pm7:19 pm8:39 pm
Winter Park / Amtrak5:36 am6:06 am6:36 am7:06 am7:36 am8:06 am8:36 am9:36 am10:36 am12:06 pm1:06 pm2:06 pm3:36 pm4:06 pm4:36 pm5:06 pm5:36 pm6:06 pm7:26 pm8:46 pm
AdventHealth5:43 am6:13 am6:43 am7:13 am7:43 am8:13 am8:43 am9:43 am10:43 am12:13 pm1:13 pm2:13 pm3:43 pm4:13 pm4:43 pm5:13 pm5:43 pm6:13 pm7:43 pm8:53 pm
LYNX Central5:48 am6:18 am6:48 am7:18 am7:48 am8:18 am8:48 am9:48 am10:48 am12:18 pm1:18 pm2:18 pm3:48 pm4:18 pm4:48 pm5:18 pm5:48 pm6:18 pm7:48 pm9:03 pm
Church Street5:51 am6:21 am6:51 am7:21 am7:51 am8:21 am8:51 am9:51 am10:51 am12:21 pm1:21 pm2:21 pm3:51 pm4:21 pm4:51 pm5:21 pm5:51 pm6:21 pm7:51 pm9:06 pm
Orlando Health / Amtrak5:54 am6:24 am6:54 am7:24 am7:54 am8:24 am8:54 am9:54 am10:54 am12:24 pm1:24 pm2:24 pm3:54 pm4:24 pm4:54 pm5:24 pm5:54 pm6:24 pm7:54 pm9:09 pm
Sand Lake Road6:03 am6:33 am7:03 am7:33 am8:03 am8:33 am9:03 am10:03 am11:03 am12:33 pm1:33 pm2:33 pm4:03 pm4:33 pm5:03 pm5:33 pm6:03 pm6:33 pm8:03 pm9:18 pm
Meadow Woods6:09 am6:39 am7:09 am7:39 am8:09 am8:39 am9:09 am10:09 am11:09 am12:39 pm1:39 pm2:39 pm4:09 pm4:39 pm5:09 pm5:39 pm6:09 pm6:39 pm8:09 pm9:24 pm
Tupperware6:14 am6:44 am7:14 am7:44 am8:14 am8:44 am9:14 am10:14 am11:14 am12:44 pm1:44 pm2:44 pm4:14 pm4:44 pm5:14 pm5:44 pm6:14 pm6:44 pm8:14 pm9:29 pm
Kissimmee / Amtrak6:20 am6:50 am7:20 am7:50 am8:20 am8:50 am9:20 am10:20 am11:20 am12:50 pm1:50 pm2:50 pm4:20 pm4:50 pm5:20 pm5:50 pm6:20 pm6:50 pm8:20 pm9:35 pm
Poinciana6:28 am6:58 am7:28 am7:58 am8:28 am8:58 am9:28 am10:28 am11:28 am12:58 pm1:58 pm2:58 pm4:28 pm4:58 pm5:28 pm5:58 pm6:28 pm6:58 pm8:28 pm9:43 pm

*This is the end of the line. View Northbound Schedule for return trips from Poinciana.

Trip Planner

SunRail trains operate Monday-Friday. Please view the above southbound schedule for specific train times. SunRail does not operate on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

Arrive at the station 20 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time, as trains do not have the flexibility to wait on latecomers.