Using SunRail

Senior lady riding SunRail looking out the window.
Aerial image of SunRail Train at DeBary Station.

Station Arrival

The entrances and parking lots to SunRail stations are equipped with official FDOT signage and markings, designed to provide safe access and usage of SunRail stations.

Signage and Street Markings

The white stop bar painted on the pavement is for your safety. Should you not be able to cross the tracks completely due to traffic congestion or if the railroad gate arms are down/lights flashing, stop before this line to keep a safe distance from passing trains.

Entrances and Parking

Distinct station entrances for cars and buses are easily identified by concrete bus driveways and asphalt parking areas. ADA-accessible parking lots feature curb ramps and tactile strips at crosswalks. Station signs direct you to parking spaces, handicap-accessible areas, drop-off points, and exits. 

Biking and Pedestrian Access

When walking or biking to the station, prioritize safety by following the same rules as drivers, maintaining a safe distance of at least 15 feet from lowered crossing gates. 

Approaching the Platform

Once at the SunRail Station, use the wayfinding signs to guide you to the northbound and southbound platforms. For your safety, exercise common sense as you approach the platform, heed flashing lights, bells, or gates at crossings. Arrive at the platform at least 20 minutes early to ensure ample time for ticket purchase, as trains adhere to strict schedules.

Station Platform

The SunRail Station platforms have been designed in accordance with ADA standards, prioritizing both safety and convenience for passengers.

Platform Layout

Benches, water fountains, garbage cans, emergency and customer assist phones, and closed-circuit television cameras can be found on station platforms.

Yellow Line & Other Train Warnings

Stay behind the yellow line, equipped with a tactile strip for your safety. Always obey warning signals as other trains share the tracks with SunRail. 

Announcement System

The passenger announcement system, equipped with visual LED panels and audio speakers, delivers essential information to all passengers.

Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs)  

TVMs can be found on all station platforms for purchasing tickets. These machines have controls within reach for wheelchair users and braille labels for orientation. Audio prompts are available for those with visual impairments, as well as headphone jacks for privacy. 

Woman with umbrella at Winter Park Station watching SunRail Train Arrive.

Meet SunRail’s Staff

A vital part of the SunRail experience is our dedicated staff on station platforms. SunRail Ambassadors, Engineers, and Conductors are highly trained and certified to ensure safe and efficient system operation.

SunRail Ambassador

Station Ambassador

Ambassadors can be found at SunRail Stations. They are available to answer questions and assist riders waiting to board trains and riders exiting trains.

SunRail Engineer

SunRail Engineer

Engineers operate SunRail trains from the front engine when the trains are traveling heading north. When trains travel south, engineers operate SunRail trains from the last car.

SunRail Conductor waving from train entrance.

SunRail Conductor

Conductors validate tickets and SunCards, removing those not following fare rules or disrupting fellow passengers. They also assist passengers with wheelchairs and oversee the safety of train crew and passengers.

SunRail Rider holding a blue SunCard in front of a Ticket Vending Machine.

Purchasing Fare

Whether a SunRail SunCard or ticket, choosing the appropriate fare is a crucial step in your SunRail journey. Both can be easily purchased from SunRail TVMs.

Cash, Debit/Credit, and Digital Wallets 

TVMs accept cash, credit/debit cards, and digital wallets (e.g. Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, Samsung Pay®, etc.) at each station.

Buying Tickets & SunCards 

A one-way ticket, round-trip ticket, or reusable SunCard is available for purchase at the TVMs. One-way and round-trip tickets are valid on the day of purchase and are not refundable. 

Reloading SunCards 

SunCards offer frequent riders flexibility and savings. These reloadable cards provide various options, including weekly, monthly, or annual passes. If purchased from a TVM, register your SunCard immediately to protect your fare in case of loss. 

Transferring Tickets

Following the TVM onscreen instructions, riders transferring from a LYNX or Votran feeder bus may also use the TVMs to swipe their transfer card to obtain a SunRail ticket.

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Boarding Safely

SunRail stations are equipped with directional signage and markings, designed to provide safe access and usage of SunRail Stations.

Ticket Validator Units (TVUs)

TVUs are located on all station platforms and validate your trip ticket or SunCard. 

Tap On 

Tap On by scanning your ticket or SunCard at the nearest TVU to calculate your fare amount and accurately track your trip.   

Waiting Safely

As the train approaches the station, always wait safely behind the yellow line.

Boarding Etiquette

Always allow the onboard passengers to exit the train first. Once clear, carefully make your way onto the train, watching your step as you board, utilizing handrails, stairways, and seats for safety, giving priority boarding to the disabled and elderly. Strollers must be folded prior to boarding the train. If issues arise on the train, contact the Conductor; do not pull the emergency lever, which is a federal offense. 

ADA Assistance

Passengers in wheelchairs should notify the ambassador and/or conductor for boarding assistance to arrange for the ramp at mini high platforms. 

Aerial image of SunRail Train at Poinciana Station.
Young Student riding SunRail while working on tablet.

On the Train

Our SunRail trains are built for you, the passenger. That is why all trains have amenities that provide you with a safe and comfortable ride while we take you where you need to go.

Train Storage

Securing a wheelchair or bike is as simple as fastening a seatbelt. Luggage can be stored on the first level, either under flip-up seats or under tables. Avoid placing luggage on seats, tables, aisles, doorways, or on stairs. 

Train Levels/Floors

The first level accommodates passengers with mobility challenges and provides adequate bicycle storage. The middle level provides additional tables and, on some trains, a quiet area. The upper level offers fixed seating, tables, and outlets for electronic devices. All three levels provide excellent viewing opportunities of the rail corridor as the train makes its way through beautiful Central Florida. Free onboard Wi-Fi is available for passengers, and restrooms on each train are ADA-compliant with various amenities. 

Station Announcements

Throughout your journey, SunRail will make announcements and safety reminders over the train’s public address (PA) system, providing riders ample time to prepare for station arrivals. 

Exiting Safely

SunRail provides upcoming station announcements, exit signs, and handrails to help riders navigate their way out of the train in a safe and timely manner. 

Passenger Etiquette

When exiting the train, remember to utilize handrails, stairways, and seats for safety, and watch your step as you make your way onto the platform. 

Tap Off 

Remember to tap off at one of the TVUs after exiting the train. Tapping off closes your transaction and validates your fare. Forgetting to tap off can result in additional zone fares. 

Exit Station Using Signage 

When exiting the station, utilize the wayfinding signs for your onward journey, including walking, biking, carpooling, and workplace shuttles. 

Woman with two children walking on Longwood Station Platform with SunRail Conductor waving from train.
Lost bag sitting between Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) at Winter Park Station.

Lost & Found

If you lose an item on SunRail or a station platform, please contact our Customer Service Center at 1-855-RAIL-411 (1-855-724-5411) to register your item into SunRail’s lost and found log. If you have reported your item lost and it is received in the Customer Service Center, you will be contacted to retrieve your item.