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SunRail Stories

Everyone has their own SunRail story.  Everyone has their own reason for riding.  Whether it’s trading traffic congestion for the stress-free daily commute on board SunRail or a leisure trip to their favorite Central Florida destination, SunRail benefits its riders in a multitude of ways.  Watch the stories below, and tell us your own story here.

Karen and Ethan – Like to go travel all around Orlando for adventures

Josh – Lost 25 lbs from riding bike to SunRail Lynx Station

Mandi – Uses the train to go out with friends on Friday nights

Cheryl- Teacher Excited for Meadow Woods Station

John-David- Avoided Buying a Second Car

Gary- MetroPlan Employee

Dale- Relies on SunRail and his bike

Legally blind, Dale relies on SunRail and his bike to commute to work.

Mike- City of Orlando Employee

Learn how Mike commutes to work in downtown Orlando and saves with his SunCard.

Mary- Saved to Take a Trip to Hawaii

Mary was able to use the money she saves on gas to vacation in Hawaii.

Steve- Commutes via “Train to Plane”

Watch how Steve commutes to the Orlando International Airport via SunRail and LYNX 111 non-stop transfer.

Robert Bowden- Lost 40 Pounds Riding SunRail

Watch this inspiring clip on how SunRail has improved Robert’s health.

Heather- “The Train Ladies”

Learn more about this blossoming friendship made onboard SunRail.

Natalie Martinez- Train to Plane

For $2, Natalie rides SunRail to Orlando International Airport via Link 111.

Where is SunRail Taking You?

With 12 convenient stations located through Central Florida, there’s always somewhere to go on SunRail.

Brennan- Commutes to Internship with SunRail

Watch how Brennan is able to forgo purchasing a car to commute to his internship in Downtown Orlando.

Noel Rivera- Rides to Work in Daytona

After an accident that totaled his car, Noel commutes to his job at Daytona International Speedway with SunRail and Votran.

Janice- Commutes to her new job

Darin – The SunRail Sculpture

Darin an avid SunRail rider is creating a life-size sculpture with the help of tickets donated by the SunRail community.

Corrie – Uses her scooter to save time to and from SunRail

Tell Us Your SunRail Story.